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Technical details - all the advantages at a glance

 3B Laser Needle
  • LASER NEEDLE unit with 12 laser diodes
  • Mobile Touch Screen (Control Touch Pad)
  • Self-explanatory and logical operation
  • Low space requirements and high level of mobility
  • Perfect Ergonomics
  • Reliable and sophisticated technology
  • Painless and side-effect-free treatment
  • Broad therapy spectrum
  • High patient acceptance
  • Low capital expenditure
  • Amortisation after only a few treatments
  • Comprehensive, fast service
  • Made in Germany: guaranteed highest product quality and safety

Product specifications
Classification: Class IIa according to EU Guideline 93/42 EC
Laser class: 3R according to EN 60825-1:2008
Effective output in CW operation: 12 x 50 mW; adjustable in steps of 1mW
Number of laser needles: 12
Wavelength: 660 nm; additional wavelengths on request
Modulation frequencies: 1 – 10,000 Hz
Conformity: CE 0366
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