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Pinpoint accuracy for successful treatment

The new 3B lasers from 3B Scientific are eye-catchers not only because of their appearance. Whats more, they combine state-of-the-art medical technology, quick and easy operation and ergonomic design. Find out for yourself.

3B lasers are wireless, truly “mobile” lasers that can be used anywhere. A large, bright color display provides ultimate ease of treatment. Another innovation: the display can be rotated at the push of button. This makes SEIRIN lasers ideally suited for both right-handed and left-handed users and for any treatment position. In addition, locating acupuncture points is simplified with an integrated point finder. As soon as a point is located, laser treatment can be started automatically.

Choose one of the laser models below to meet your individual therapy requirements:

3B Laser 100 mW, 660 nm; red laser [1016649]
3B Laser 100 mW, 785 nm; infrared [1015662]
3B Laser 500 mW, 808 nm; infrared [1019663]

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