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SPINEX - The fine intradermal needle

 Spinex This very special needle was invented by Kohei Akabane in Japan. It is applied in four steps: First, a tender point or an induration is found in the skin, then the skin is stretched and the needle is inserted 2-3 mm into the dermis. Next, the needle is covered with an adhesive tape and left in place for a certain period of time. By remaining in the dermis, the acupuncture needle can provide powerful pain relief.

Packaging: One sterile needle per blister in strips of 10. Each box contains 100 intradermal needles. The Spinex needle can be selected as required to achieve various stimulus strengths.

Item no. Description Diameter x length
S-NS1203 SEIRIN® SPINEX 0,12 x 3 mm
S-NS1204 SEIRIN® SPINEX 0,12 x 4 mm
S-NS1406 SEIRIN® SPINEX 0,14 x 6 mm
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